Comebyanaway Border Collies

For Brains, Beauty and Versatility...... Quality NOT Quantity !!

                                                                                                                                             Comebyanaways - Our dogs live on a lovely farm in the Northern Pennines.  They work on our sheep and also take part in Agility Competitions. All our dogs are dual regd with the ISDS and Kennel Club as we believe the working side of Border Collies should be nurtured.  We will occasionally (approx. every 18 months to 2 years) have a litter of pups to keep our line going, but our dogs aren't available for stud as we believe in Quality not Quantity.  Our pups either stay with us and work on the farm or go to close friends who we are very proud to say have achieved some great results including representing Team GB and Team South Africa in Agility, and Team France at Crufts in the HTM competition.  Breeding restrictions are placed on any pups not kept with us to protect the line. We love our dogs and are very proud of them. We believe Temperament must come first, if you have a good temperament then you have a good foundation to build a beautiful and hopefully 15 year plus partnership.

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